Aero Star 20


This is a copy of the original kit, with fuselage parts made of interlocking lite ply.  You will have to furnish the landing gear block.

Parts are included for rubber band or bolt-on wing attachment.  As you can see in the photo I’m building mine with the wing bolt block in the fuselage, but I forgot to drill through the bulkhead from the front, into the wing, and the top front fuselage piece is already installed and in my way.  Don’t let this happen to you!

The wing includes a pair of 1/8″ plywood dihedral braces.  Also included are a dihedral gauge and a set of shear webs for the first rib bay, to make a pocket for the dihedral braces.  Assemble the wings, add the shear webs, then put the top sheeting on and sand the roots.  Remove the portion of the root rib between the top and bottom spar, add epoxy or Titebond to the pockets, insert the dihedral braces, and join the wings.