Osprey Bipe

The Osprey Bipe plan shows a standard length fuselage, and an optional shorter fuselage for longer engines.  Let me know which you want and I will provide the correct parts.

The plan also shows the wing saddle with an allowance for the 1/32″ ply wing saddle fairing base.  My wing saddle parts are cut with the assumption that you are not going to make a wing fairing.  In other words, the saddle is not relieved for the 1/32″ ply strip.  However, the ply strips are included in the short kit, so if you intend to add the fairings you will need to relieve the wing saddles 1/32″ to make room for the strips.

The ribs have holes for wing jig rods.  The holes in the bottom wing are for standard 1/4″ rods.  The holes in the top wing are for 1/8″ rods.