Goldberg Eaglet 50


This was a popular kit that was discontinued quite a few years ago.  My short kit has the same outline but there are a few key differences.

  • I don’t have the fancy rails that the original fuel hatch was mounted on, so the builder should add a couple of balsa sticks to the inside edges of the hatch opening.
  • The builder should also add some firm balsa sticks on the edges of the windshield bulkhead, which will be stronger than the original light ply reinforcement.
  • Make sure you glue the front wing dowel firmly to the bulkhead and to the reinforcement that you add to it, as this is the main load bearing member for the front of the wing.
  • Leading edge is 1/4″ dowels.
  • The original firewall in the Goldberg kit was made of lite ply with a doubler at the bottom.  My firewall is hard ply with no doubler.
  • Engine beams are 3/8 x 3/8 hard wood.
  • Wing spars are 1/4 x 1/4 bass or spruce.
  • Dihedral brace has 2.25 degrees per side, which is 1 inch at each tip.

Landing gear is 1/8″ wire, and you’ll have to make your own wing tips and windows.

The short kit includes some funny arch shaped plywood pieces for holding the landing gear wire inside the fuselage.  Glue the slotted retainer to the unslotted one, making sure that you are making a left and a right.  Drill the holes in the lower landing gear plate so the vertical wire will be against the inside of the fuselage side.  Insert the landing gear wire as a guide and glue the retainer to the inside of the fuselage with the wire in place.  This will assure that it is aligned correctly while you glue it.  Alternatively, if you prefer blocks you can just put a block on each side and drill through them, or use a pre-slotted landing gear block.

Although this short kit is different from the original kit in a few ways, you can build an authentic looking Eaglet 50 if you want to.  David Beazley did.  He made balsa wing tips to look like the plastic ones in the original kit, and he made the windows and windshield from a plastic bottle. I think it looks great!  He also obtained a scan of the decals from the original kit and emailed it to me so I could share it here.  The scan is below the photos of David’s airplane.  This is a great looking plane, David.  It looks just like the original.


Model built by David Beazley

Eaglet decals