Ultra Sport 60

The Ultra Sport is a good project for those who want a smooth pattern plane that flies like the Super Kaos but has better knife edge performance.  I offer three choices of ribs for the three types of landing gear you could use:  tail dragger, nose wheel, or tail dragger with retracts.

The stabilizer, elevators, fin and rudder are all made of thick balsa planks that my laser cutter doesn’t like.   It turns thick balsa into charcoal, so I’ll leave it to you to procure wood for these parts and cut them out when you build the plane.  Don’t worry, it’s easy to cut out tail pieces.  You will also need to buy or make a canopy.  If all else fails, carve a canopy from a balsa block.  And of course you’ll be building your cowl either from thick planks as shown on the plan, or from glass and resin, or a plastic bottle, or paper and glue, or whatever you choose.  If I try to cut out balsa parts for your cowl they probably wouldn’t match your engine or motor anyway.  What it comes down to is that this is a bit of a builder’s project, but it’s a pretty easy one.

There is one other important thing you need to keep in mind.  When you download the plan, check out the lower right corner of the fuselage sheet.  In the scan that is currently available, there is a bit of distortion which causes a discrepancy in size.  The person who scanned and uploaded this plan scaled it so the ruler in the title block is 6 inches, but due to the distortion this caused the fuselage plan to be larger than it is supposed to be.  So if you have the scan with the bottom of the right side sucked in, you need to print the fuselage sheet at 95.42% size, and the wing sheet at 100%.  (If you want to check it yourself, open the PDF in a drafting program and check the size of the wheels.)

If you have a full size original or an accurate scan, don’t worry about it.  Here’s a picture of the distorted plan, for your info.  Notice the curve in the lower right corner.  If you’re still not entirely sure what I’m talking about just send me an email and I’ll help you get it figured out.