The Twinny was a kit offered by Svenson, now discontinued for many years.  The original kit had metric wood sizes but my short kit is cut for American wood sizes.  Wing leading edges are 1/4″ balsa.  Bottom wing trailing edge is 1.5″ x 1/2″ trailing edge stock.  Lite ply is used for the aft fuselage formers and the cockpit floor.

This short kit has a few deviations from the plan to make it easier to build.

  • The chin floor is made from a piece of 1/16″ plywood.  You also get a piece of 1/8″ plywood that goes inside the floor just in front of the bottom wing.  Drill through the bulkhead into the wing for the wing mounting dowel, then put the 1/16″ ply floor on, then epoxy the 1/8″ ply reinforcement inside the floor.  Now you have a strong floor for mounting your landing gear.
  • The fuselage sides are cut off at the front of the fuselage, and 1/4″ balsa cowl sides are included.  Fill the space between the cowl sides below the engine with a balsa block.
  • You get your choice of standard cabane struts as shown on the plan for rubber bands, or optional cabanes for a bolt-on wing.  The optional cabanes come with two layers of 1/8″ plywood as a floor for the top wing to sit on.  The top wing is bolted into this floor.