This 20 size aerobatic model by Dick Sarplous looks like a small Ultra Sport to me.  It has a symmetrical airfoil and plenty of side area.  It’s very easy to build, too.  There are 1/4″ holes in wing ribs for wing jig rods.

Choose standard ribs for nose wheel, alternate ribs for tail wheel, and also choose standard 1/4″ spars as noted on plans, or smaller notches for 3/16″ hard wood spars.

Get the plan from Outerzone, and you’ll see two fuselages.  The first fuselage is for use with a rear exhaust engine and a tuned pipe.  The second one is for a standard side exhaust engine, or electric if you’re into that.  The parts in my kit are for the second fuselage, as depicted in the photo below.