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Here’s an explanation of what a short kit is, with pictures.  You’ll have to complete the kit by buying your own sheet and stick wood from a balsa dealer.  Here’s my best shot at explaining how to do this.

On some of my kits I have incorporated my own modifications, which I think the average builder would like.  If you prefer your kit cut to original standard specs, let me know.

If you find a mysterious piece of wood in your kit that looks like this, it’s probably a dihedral gauge.


If you find an error in your kit, please let me know so I can fix it.

You can click the name of a category to get a catalog listing of kits in that category.

I’ve added a new product tag: Rob’s Favorites.  These are planes that I have built myself some time between 1985 and now, which I found enjoyable either to build, to fly, or both.

Ace RC

David Boddington

Joe Bridi

Flying Models

Carl Goldberg

Great Planes

Dick Mathis


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