Bingo 20



The Bingo 20 was published in a magazine, but to my knowledge it was never kitted.  I put it here in the Ace section anyway because I thought people might look here for it.

As noted on the plan and in the article, there is no dihedral brace.  The wing is to be joined in the center with glass cloth and resin.  For those who like dihedral braces, I have included one to be attached to the back of the main spars.

It is never mentioned anywhere in the article or on the plan, but dihedral should be 1/2″ at each tip rib.  I got this number by scaling it from the original 60 size Bingo.

The plan looks good but upon closer scrutiny it has a shocking number of inconsistencies and inaccurate dimensions.  Don’t be alarmed if you print the plan and the parts all look funny and don’t match the drawings.  The plan is terrible, but I’ve designed the parts so they will fit together properly.

I cut out a kit and built one myself.  It’s powered by an OS 26 Surpass, which provides all the power it needs.  It flies really well and tends to be pitch neutral when balanced at the back edge of the main spar, meaning that if you’re flying along and pitch the nose up 5 degrees it will continue in that attitude.  Ditto for pointing the nose down.  It just stays that way until you change it.  It’s a really nice little plane.  Here are a couple of photos of it: