Buy Full Kits

I am currently working on a new product.  It will be a 60 size low wing sport plane kit including hardware, landing gear, all wood, instructions, and a printed plan.

I still have to build prototypes, write the instructions, and conduct flight tests with various engines.  I’ll post updates on this process to let everybody know how it’s going.

Once I get the wrinkles ironed out and establish a supply chain for wood, hardware and packaging, we’ll see how everybody likes it.  If demand proves sufficient I will continue to develop additional kits.

Here is the project log:

  • 12-24-2022:  Announcing the development of a new kit.  As you can see, this process is going very well so far, and I have accomplished my goals on time with no mistakes.
  • 1-20-2023:  The first fuselage prototype is built and sitting on my workbench.  Looks good.  Next I need to build the wing prototype.