Buy Full Kits

Coming soon:  The Bongo 60, a new spin on the classic Bingo.  The prototype weighs 7 pounds and is powered by an OS 70 Surpass.  It flies great!

I ordered a vacuum forming table for making canopies, and now I’m waiting for it to arrive.  I’m sure the next new product won’t take so long to launch because the infrastructure will already be in place.

***Update*** I’m sure some of you are wondering what’s taking so long for this kit to hit the market.  The reason for the delay is that I suddenly got a wild notion to sell my home and move to a new place about 50 miles east.  As  a result, I’ve been spending most of my time cleaning the place up and getting rid of junk to make the property look more attractive to buyers.  Incidentally, if you want to move to western Missouri, take a look, and maybe you’ll see something you like.

I’m still chipping away at the full kit project, but it has slowed down a bit.  In addition to the Bongo 60 I’m also working on a 40 size biplane and a 1/2A three channel sport/trainer.  The 40 size biplane prototype has flown, and it’s a real treat!  It’s easy to build and it flies great.

As soon as I get settled into the new place the kit business will come back to the front of the priority list.


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