Web_Banner_RobOuterzone is my favorite online plans database.  There are thousands of plans available for free download, and Steve doesn’t even make you set up an account.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERADavid McIntire is a friend who lives in Florida.  He started flying RC planes about the same time I did.  Like me, he’s into wood construction and greasy engines.  If you want to learn more about glow engines, check out his youtube channel.  You’ll learn to use, maintain and even overhaul 2 stroke and 4 stroke model engines.


My wife Laura has a quilting business.  She does machine quilt finishing, binding, and repairs, and she can even design and make you an entire quilt.

Otis Money

We play the blues in central Missouri and the Springfield area.  Come and check us out if you’re close by.


Is the RC hobby dying out?  If so, why?  Here’s the answer.