I omitted the slots in the front half of the fuselage side, but kept the slots in the doublers, and I shortened the tabs on the bulkheads and the cockpit floor.  As a result, the fuselage still fits together with tabs and slots, but the tabs don’t protrude all the way through the fuselage side.  This should make the plane a little bit prettier when you cover it.  Other than that, the wing and fuselage are pretty much stock.

Also, my short kit doesn’t include any part of the vertical or horizontal stabilizer, the elevators, or the rudder.  This is the easiest part for you to do, and it saves you money.  The original design calls for the horizontal stabilizer to be built from 1/4″ sticks on top of a lite ply template for ease of building.  This always seemed a bit cheesy to me, so I’m building mine out of 3/8″ sticks, which is how I think everybody ought to build it, because it’s stronger and lighter.  If you absolutely have to have the lite ply base for the stabilizer, send me an email and I’ll try to talk you out of it.  If you still want it, I’ll cut it out for you.