Small Wonder

This is one of the best flying small planes you can build.  I flew all of mine with an OS 15 FP.

small wonder

This kit includes three dihedral braces:  the two that are shown on the plan, plus an extra one for the back side of the leading edge to increase the strength of the center joint.

You can order this kit as shown on the plan or with barn door ailerons.  Here’s a file I drew for the layout of the aileron wing.  (altwing)  I have built the Small Wonder both ways, and it flies great either way.  However, there is one problem with the plan as designed.  It is a three channel airplane but it has inadequate dihedral for good performance, in my opinion.  So you have a few options when you order:

  • As shown on the plan, 3 channels with low dihedral (not recommended)
  • 3 channels with increased dihedral for better performance (highly recommended)
  • With barn door aileron modification and low dihedral (highly recommended)