Das Ugly Stik


This is the RCM plan of the Das Ugly Stik.  The original design shows the wing held on with dowels and rubber bands, but most folks nowadays prefer to hold the wing on with nylon bolts.  So I’ve added the following pieces to the short kit:

1/16″ ply reinforcement plate for the top of the wing trailing edge.  The nylon wing bolts are drilled through this.


1/8″ ply bolt plates, to be laminated into one 1/4″ plate and installed in the fuselage at the trailing edge.


1/8″ ply half ribs for the wing root.  These are placed on either side of the root rib.


1/8″ plywood reinforcing plate for the bulkhead, with a slot for the wing tongue.


Tongue fillers to go between the two plywood half ribs.


If you want to use this bolt-on kit, build the wing according to the plan.  Then add one plywood tongue rib on each side of the wing root rib.  Use the supplied fillers to fill the space between the plywood tongues to make one large tongue.  The bulkhead reinforcing plate is attached to the bulkhead in front of the wing leading edge, and the wing tongue is retained in the notch.

If you prefer to build the plane with rubber bands, ignore all of these parts and build it per the original plan.