Super Kaos .10 – .15

DSC_0566 DSC_0565

Click here for building instructions.

This is a scaled down version of the 60 size Super Kaos published in RCM magazine.  Print the Super Kaos plan at 60% for this plane.  Available as tail dragger only.

The wing has 7 ribs per side.  Kit comes with engineered shear webs.  Study them carefully and be aware that the plan calls for the wing to have a dihedral angle on the bottom only.  Tip to tip, the wing is flat on top.  The shear webs will set the dihedral and the rib spacing where it belongs.

Tip block and ailerons are whatever you have in your scrap box that looks like the right size.  My plane in the photos has two layers of 1/2″ balsa on the wing tips.  My ailerons are 1/4″ balsa sanded to a taper to look like an aileron.

Use 3/16″ square hard spars, 1/4″ thick leading edge, 3/16″ square balsa trailing edge stick.  Wing sheeting and cap strips are 1/16″ balsa.  Triangle stock in the tank compartment is 3/8″.  Top stringers are 3/16″ square.  Landing gear block is 1/2 x 1/4 hard wood (can be made from two layers of 1/8″ ply).  The fuselage sides end at the front of the fire wall, so you can build a cowl from balsa sheets and blocks to match your engine or electric motor.  1 3/4″ plywood spinner nose ring is included.  But you can see from the photos that I did mine the easy way.  I may make a laminated paper cowl later.

Any questions, just ask.