How to sand aileron tips

On the workbench I have a Wicked Wanda from RCM Plans.  Before I can cover the plane, I still need to fit the ailerons.  As you can see in the first photo I have cut a pair of ailerons from tapered stock, but the tips are not finished yet.


I am going to show you a method of finishing the tips of strip ailerons.  This works well with slanted Hoerner tips as well as flat tips.  With a bit of care you can apply the same method to rounded wing tips.  Here’s what my wing tip looks like without the aileron.


The first step is to prepare the aileron root for the torque rod, if your plane is so equipped.  Measure and drill the hole, then cut a groove for the rod.


Insert the rod and place a spacer at the root of the aileron.  I’m using a piece of 1/32″ plywood.  DSC_0206

The torque rod helps to hold the aileron in place later while you are sanding, so if you are building a plane with no torque rods (servos in the wings) you may find it useful to hold the aileron with masking tape.

Now hold the aileron at a zero deflection angle, using the other aileron as a brace to hold it in place.  You could use a ruler of course, but I happen to have another aileron handy.


You can see the unfinished end of the aileron in the above photo.  Now hold everything very firmly and sand the end of the aileron flush with the wing tip using a sanding block.


After you sand it, this is what it should look like.

DSC_0211 DSC_0212