Goldberg Eaglet 50 low wing

Back when RC magazines were the big thing, one of them published a short article telling how to easily build a low wing plane from a Goldberg Eaglet 50 kit, which was also a big thing at the time.  I don’t know which magazine it was, but I have the pages below, which you can download.

I also am offering a short kit of the low wing Eaglet 50.  The idea behind the magazine article was that you would follow the instructions to turn your Carl Goldberg Eaglet kit into a low wing plane, but what I’m offering is a short kit of this project.  In other words, you can’t build a high wing original Eaglet from this kit because I cut a big hole in the bottom of the fuselage.

If you want the original Eaglet, get that kit.  If you want the low winger, get this one.  In either case, get the Eaglet 50 plan from Outerzone.

Here are the magazine pages with the instructions and photos of what it’s supposed to look like when finished.


eaglet02 eaglet03