Stik 27 Introduction


The Stik 27 is a plane that I designed in 1998.  The purpose of the design was to get high performance from a Cox reed valve engine by building a plane slightly smaller than the 250 square inches that is considered “normal” for an 049 trainer or mild mannered sport plane.

  • Span:  27.5 inches
  • Chord:  5.5 inches
  • Area:  one square foot
  • Weight:  8 to 12 ounces

I flew it with 2 channels, a Cox Texaco engine, Cox gray 7 x 3.5 propeller, Omega 10% nitro fuel, and no landing gear.  Performance was quite satisfactory.

Reed valve engines are appropriate, but Cox Tee Dee engines would be way too much.  I would expect most guys to choose electric power, of course.  I’m electric impaired, so I have no advice other than to suggest that you may want to add landing gear to keep the prop out of the grass, but that’s up to you.  You may also want to cut holes in the tail and the aft fuselage, or do whatever floats your boat.

Here are the building instructions and the plan.  Just to keep the page sizes manageable I’ll divide this into three sections.




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