Buy Balsa Sheets

I have a large lot of balsa sheets for sale. The wood is beautiful, with straight, clear grain.

The guys at the mill were unfamiliar with model airplanes so when they cut the thinner sheets they selected firm wood to prevent damage during shipment. As a result the 1/16 and 3/32 inch sheets are pretty hard.

If you aren’t hip to balsa wood density, 8 to 12 pounds per cubic foot is considered average. 6 pounds is super light “contest” balsa. I weighed a random 6″ tall stack from each wood size and posted the density in the product listing for your convenience. My 1/16 and 3/32 sheets are heavier than average. The grain is clear and straight, and they bend around curves easily. These sheets would be useful for making ribs and wing sheeting for medium to large airplanes. They would be particularly useful for making old fashioned wings with sheet balsa spars.

The balsa in the thicker sizes is pretty average. If you’ve bought a short kit from me since January 2023, this is the wood I’ve been shipping.

I will remove pieces that are a lot harder than average and sell them separately to keep buyers from being surprised.

Hand selected grading is not available. Orders will be filled with a random pick. Click the links in the chart to purchase.