Eugene LaFaille was kind enough to send me some photos of the Whizard he built from my kit.  That’s a nice looking plane! And it’s great to see it flying with a genuine Cox engine, too.  Scroll down to the bottom to see Eugene’s other photos.



This isn’t Eugene. This photo is from RCM I think.

This is the classic plan published in RCM, and offered by Ace RC for many years as a kit.  Flies great with a Cox 049 or electric power.  The original plane used an Ace foam wing with another wing segment in the center.  My kit has a built up balsa wing with the original airfoil.  Here’s a plan for the built up wing.  (Whizard Wing)

Sheeting is 1/16″ balsa.  Leading edge is 1/4″ balsa.  If you build per the plan, the trailing edge is a piece of 1/4 x 3/4 balsa tapered trailing edge stock.  Let me know if you want to build with ailerons and I’ll supply ribs that are 1/4 inch shorter.  In that case, use a 1/4 balsa stick on the trailing edge, and use your 1/4 x 3/4 balsa tapered stick for the ailerons.