Super Aeromaster Short Kit


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This kit is made from the Great Planes plan, not the original Lou Andrews plan.  Several minor modifications have been made for simplicity as well as to make use of readily available materials.

The Box Lok fuselage doublers in the original kit were 5/16 thick balsa with 3/16 inch deep grooves to accommodate a 3/16 thick hard wood brace for the cabane struts.  My doubler is 5/16 balsa, but instead of grooves the balsa is cut all the way through to accommodate a 5/16 inch thick hardwood brace for the cabanes.  The builder will install the main doubler, then add the cabane braces, then add the small doubler that goes between the cabane braces.  The braces are 5/16 x 5/8 hardwood landing gear blocks with 1/8 inch groove, from Sig Mfg.  Sig part number SIGSH655.  WHEN INSTALLING THE DOUBLER, LEAVE A QUARTER INCH SPACE AT THE FRONT FOR THE FIREWALL.  My firewall fits between the fuselage sides, in front of the Box Lok doubler.


The blocks in the top wing where the cabanes attach are 1/2 x 3/4.

The firewall also differs from the plan.  The plan shows a square plywood firewall with a balsa arch on top.  In my kit the arch is part of the plywood firewall.  The quarter inch firewall is made of two layers of 1/8 inch plywood laminated together.  The front layer has no notches.  The back layer is notched for the stringers that form the top deck.  The balsa sheeting of the top deck is to be installed on top of both layers of the firewall.

How to finish the front of the cowl is builder’s choice.  The original kit had a plastic front for the cowl.  You could laminate layers of balsa wood on and sand to shape, build a mold from foam for a glass cowl, or just build a Lou Andrews style cowl from balsa blocks.

The Aeromasters in the gallery images were built by Dave Scott and Bill Kirkpatrick.  The cowls in the photos came from Fiberglass Specialties, Number GP-7.

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