Ace Alpha Short Kit


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This cute little trainer from Ace RC was originally equipped with a foam wing.  My short kit has balsa ribs and two dihedral braces for either 3 channel or 4 channel operation.  You get both braces, so you can order the kit and decide later.  Use low dihedral (3 degrees) for flying with ailerons, or use high dihedral (6 degrees) for three channel flying.

The wing ribs are designed for use with a 1/4″ balsa leading edge, 3/16″ x 3/16″ hard wood spars, and a 1″ x 1/4″ balsa tapered trailing edge.  If flying with ailerons, use a 1/4″ balsa stick for the trailing edge and 3/4″ balsa ailerons.

Look this plane up on Outerzone and you’ll see that the plan is not full size.  A lot of Ace kits with foam wings had 1/2 or 3/4 size plans, because the builder was supposed to use the plan as a reference for the fuselage, and the wing wasn’t printed because it required no assembly.  Don’t worry about trying to scale it correctly, because it doesn’t matter.  In fact, you don’t really need to print it if you can look at it on your computer screen.  The fuselage locks together with tabs and slots.

To build the wing, mark the rib locations on the leading edge, trailing edge, and spars at two inch intervals.  If I were building this, I would space the ribs at 2″, and add one rib between the root rib and the next rib.  In other words, from the root the spacing would be 1″, 1″, 2″, 2″, 2″, etc. Draw two lines on your building table or on a large sheet of paper.  Make one line two feet long, and make a short perpendicular line at one end of the long line.  It should look like a big T or L.  Pin the trailing edge to the table, aligned with your first line.  Lay out the other sticks and the ribs.  Starting with the rib at the wing tip, place it on the perpendicular line so it will be 90 degrees to the trailing edge.  Position the spar and the leading edge and glue them to the tip rib.  Pin the leading edge to the table.  Now when you add the other ribs and glue them on the marks on the leading edge, everything will be square.  (The reason you start with the tip rib is because you want the whole wing to be assembled and sturdy when you finally place the root rib at its correct dihedral angle.)  Add some 1/16″ balsa shear webs for extra strength.  Add some flat sheet tips, or use 1″ triangle stock for hoerner tips, or whatever floats your boat.

Trimmed ribs are provided, so you can have 1/16″ balsa sheeting on top and bottom in the center section and open structure in the outer panels, or you can ignore the trimmed ribs and just have open structure in the whole wing if you prefer.

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