Aerostar 60 Short Kit



Based on the discontinued kit from Midwest.

Because the fuselage is longer than a standard piece of wood the fuselage sides are spliced, as they were in the original kit.  The short kit includes a pair of lite ply rectangles to bridge the splice.

Also included are an assortment of birch ply rectangles that are intended to be stacked to make the landing gear block that was included in the original kit.  The first layer is 1/8″, then a layer of 1/16″, then two layers of 1/8″.  These are sized to form a set of stair steps behind the diagonal bulkhead.  Use your own hard wood blocks to make the upper landing gear blocks.

The manual does not quote a specific dihedral angle, so I extrapolated from the dimension given in the Aerostar 40 manual and arrived at a figure of 3.5 inches elevation at one tip, with the other wing panel flat on the table.

The wing was designed with the spars placed well in front of the center of gravity to allow the use of a narrow piece of sheeting between the leading edge and the spar.  The disadvantage to this scheme is that the center of gravity is not at the spar.  You can get standard ribs as shown on the plan, or you have the option of ordering the kit with the spar notches placed so the center of gravity is at the trailing edge of the spar.



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