Big Stik 20 Short Kit



The first thing you should know is that the original Great Planes Big Stik 20 had fuselage sides 36.2 inches long.  This is what is shown on the plan that you can download from Outerzone.  I know the Outerzone plan is accurate, because I’m the one who uploaded the scan, and I’ve checked it against the paper original.  When I made my kit drawings I scaled the PDF to 99% size so the fuselage side would be 35.8″ long, and thus fit on a standard 36″ sheet, because I don’t see the point in burning a 48″ sheet for a 36.2″ fuselage.  When you build this kit, print your plan at 99% and everything will fit.

I flew mine with a 25 FP and I thought it was perfect.  Based on the wingspan of 53″, this plane is appropriate for any engine from 20 to 45, or electric if you’re into that sort of thing.  It would be a lot of fun with a 40 FP, if you have one sitting around.  Nice and light.

The Great Planes Big Stik series was done right, in my opinion.  There are little templates that you glue to the inside of the fuselage to get the bulkheads in exactly the right places.  My short kit includes this feature, as well as lines scribed into the fuselage sides for proper placement of plywood bolt blocks, ailerons, elevator, and quite a few other parts you don’t feel like cutting out.

Choose nose wheel or tail wheel.  If you’re building the tail wheel version, cut the front bottom lite ply piece to accommodate the birch ply landing gear plate.

The ribs are designed for 3/4″ trailing edge, 3/8 x 3/8 leading edge, no notches.

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