Big Stik Short Kit



100 inch version of the Kraft Das Ugly Stik, originally published in Model Builder magazine.  Bud Nosen Models used to sell a kit and had their own version of the giant Ugly Stik (which is available on Outerzone), but this is the Model Builder version, which is more clear and better drawn.  Click here to download it.

This is a very big plane, and it doesn’t make sense for me to send you a bunch of large balsa wood cut into rectangles, triangles, and other straight lines.  So you build the wing tips.  I’ll send you the plywood fuselage doubler, and you use it as a template to build the fuselage.  I suspect that most guys wouldn’t want the hatch, because the hole in F2 is big enough for a fuel tank and your hand, so I’ll leave that up to you.  I will send you the wing bolt blocks, bulkheads, tail bolt blocks, vertical stabilizer outline, elevator, ailerons, landing gear plate, and wing ribs.  All 3/8″ balsa parts are cut from two layers of 3/16 to be laminated by you.  The 1/2″ elevator is cut from two layers of 1/4.  The elevator as shown on the plan is 37 inches long, which is a funny trick for a model plane designer to play on a builder.  It would really bother me to burn a 48 inch sheet for a 37 inch part, so your elevator will have an inch or so missing from one end.  Turn the two layers opposite each other and fill in the missing bit on each end with scraps.

Please choose dihedral or no dihedral.

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