Buzzard Bombshell Short Kit



This is an RC version of the classic Buzzard Bombshell, presented in RCM magazine in 1973.  Oddly enough, on the plan that’s available online the 6″ ruler in the title block is longer than 6″, and the fuselage is longer than 48″.  I’m the one who uploaded the plan to the internet, so when I noticed the anomaly I dug out my paper copy and measured the 6″ ruler, the tire, and the fuselage side.  The 6″ ruler on the paper plan is oversized, sure enough, and so is the fuselage side.  Apparently there was a mistake at the RCM office in 1973.

Intelligent model plane designers always size their parts to fit standard size balsa sheets, so the fuselage should be just a hair under 48″ long.  I scaled my PDF to 99% to make the big parts a sensible size, so if you have the 909 kb file that’s available online, print your plan at 99% to make it match my parts.

The rib dimensions differ between the wing top view and the fuselage side view.  I have cut the ribs to fit in 1/8″ notches in the trailing edge and 3/32″ notches in the leading edge.  Also, I angled the aft spar notches so you don’t have to sand the corners off of the spars.

Plywood dihedral braces are not shown on the plan, but dihedral braces are included in the kit for the leading edge, trailing edge, main spar and aft spar.  I’m leaving the ribs as shown on the plan, without cutting any of them to accommodate dihedral braces.  I assume that if you’re building a Buzzard Bombshell you are skilled enough to trim your ribs and use the plywood dihedral braces as you see fit.  Also, you cut the cowl yourself because the wood is too thick for the laser cutter, and you probably want to make your own cowl anyway to match your engine or electric motor.

Please specify dihedral or polyhedral wing when ordering so I can include the correct braces.

Thanks to Jeff Anderson for sending photos of his red, whte, and blue Buzzard Bombshell.

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