Das Mini Stik Short Kit




The Das Mini Stik is a half size Das Ugly Stik.  The plan from RCM Plans has a several parts that are of unexpected thickness.  In my short kit I have changed them to what I think are more reasonable sizes.

The 1/4 x 1/4 spruce spars and leading edge seem rather excessive, so I’m cutting the ribs in the kit for 3/16 x 3/16 spruce or bass spars.  The leading edge is cut for 1/4 x 1/4 as shown on the plan, but I would suggest using balsa.

The 1/16 ply fuselage doublers have been changed to 1/32, and the 1/16 balsa fuselage sides have been changed to 3/32 balsa.

For those who aren’t hip, the Das Ugly Stik and its early variants have the fuselage bottom between the fuselage sides, and the fuselage top on top of the fuselage sides.  I thought I should mention this because it’s kind of ambiguous on the plan.  Here’s a diagram that shows what I’m talking about.


When you attach the fuselage doublers to the fuselage sides, leave the 1/16″ gap on the bottom.  When you join the two sides, the bulkheads should be flush at the top, and there should be a gap below them to accommodate the fuselage bottom pieces.

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