Dirty Birdy 40 Short Kit


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Red plane built by Bob Moulder.

Please note that the wing saddle in my kit does not look like the plan.  We all love Joe Bridi, and his designs are legendary, but I can’t figure out why he drew his plans to show the wing saddle the same size as the wing root.  The wing root is inside the fuselage, so the wing saddle should be slightly smaller than the root because of the tapered wing.  My kit corrects this oversight.

Another point to keep in mind is that the lower portion of the fuselage nose is made of big thick planks that are to be carved and sanded by the builder.  These planks sit in front of Bulkhead #2, thus leaving the sides of Bulkhead #2 naked below the fuselage side.  Rather than make the side with a piece of balsa hanging down where it’s susceptible to damage, I made this piece separate.

The altered wing saddle cutout and the extra little piece of 3/16″ balsa are shown in the following diagram:


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