Divider Short Kit


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Because of the density and cutting qualities of various types of plywood, I’ve changed most of the plywood sizes shown on the plan.  In my kit the firewall and fuselage bulkheads are 1/8″ plywood, and the fuselage chin plate is 1/16″ plywood.  In the wing, the dihedral brace is 1/8″ plywood.

I don’t expect a lot of people to buy a Divider kit, because most people have never heard of it.  This is one of the forgotten treasures of the RCM archive.  My friend was looking for a 20 size sport design, and he asked for my opinion.  I looked at the list of available plans and thought the Divider looked pretty good, so I recommended it to him even though I had never built or flown it before.  In fact, I had never known or even heard of anybody who had built one.

The Divider has turned out to be one of the best flying 20 size planes I’ve seen.  The original RCM prototype had a lot of heavy gear packed into it, but with modern radio equipment your plane will be much lighter, of course.  My friend tried a lot of different engines on his Divider, including Enya 19, OS 25 FP, FSR and SF, as well as an HB 20.  The 25 SF made it go straight up.  The Enya 19 produced an improvement in the turn radius and all other maneuvering except vertical climb and roll rate.  Landings were feather light and super slow.  After trying all of these engines the 25 FP was the best combination of light weight and ample power, although the plane was a lot of fun with every engine.  Just don’t get carried away and use an engine heavier than a hot 25 because you’ll ruin the flight performance.

It’s easy to build, it flies great, and it’s a good looking airplane.  You should try it.

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