Esquire Short Kit


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Some guys who build the Esquire have noticed that the plane climbs too much, floats around, and is hard to control.  After a lot of head scratching and theorizing, a comment that was left on Outerzone clued me in to the real issue.  The plan shows the center of gravity in the wrong place.  The mark is 4.2″ behind the leading edge, which is 41% of the chord.  If you put it there, get ready for some really terrible flying.

Common practice dictates a position between 1/4 and 1/3 of the chord, with most people settling on 30%.  On the Esquire, this would be 3″ behind the leading edge.  Take some good advice and set your CG at 3″.  The plane will fly a lot better that way.

If you want to add an elevator to your Esquire, just make one from 1/8″ or 3/16″ balsa, about an inch wide, and add it to the stabilizer.

When ordering, please specify if you want the original version, or the aileron modification, which includes dihedral braces with less dihedral, as well as trimmed ribs.  When building the aileron version, use a 3/16″ balsa stick at the trailing edge of the ribs.

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