French Poudle Short Kit


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Here’s a weird little plane based on the Pou du Ciel light plane of the 1930s.  Not a true scale model, the design is simplified for easy building.

In the short kit, the 3/32 ply rear wing mount blocks in the fuselage have been changed to 1/8 ply for simplicity.  The forward mount is 2 layers of 1/8 ply, and the rear mount is one layer of 1/8 ply, and both of these mount blocks are installed under the balsa top.

The kit includes front wing struts made of laminated 1/8 ply, but feel free to use spruce as called for on the plan.

I don’t know why you would want a 1/16 ply rib in the center of the wing where the wing bolts go through, so I changed the center ribs to 3/16.

Because a 1/4 inch ply firewall doesn’t make a lot of sense in a 10 size plane, I’ve changed the firewall to a single layer of 1/8 ply.

You ought to build one of these.  As the photo demonstrates, chicks dig it.

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