Headmaster Short Kit


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The original 48 inch Headmaster by Ken Willard was published in RCM magazine.  Later it was offered as a kit by Top Flite.  There are slight differences between the two plans, both of which are available from Outerzone.  My short kit is patterned after the Top Flite plan.

The Top Flite kit had plastic wing tips.  My kit comes with 1/4″ balsa sheet wing tips.  You can either stretch your covering film over these tips, or add blocks on the top and bottom to make the fat round balsa wing tips commonly found on planes from that era.

The kit comes with two firewalls.  One has notches for the engine beams as shown on the plan, and the other is without notches, for use with a nylon engine mount or whatever you mount an electric motor on.  You also get doublers for both installations.

The wing can be built with either low or high dihedral.  Follow the plan instructions for high dihedral.  For low dihedral, the elevation is 7/8″ at both tips.

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