Junkers Ju52 Short Kit



Here’s a really great opportunity to scratch your itch for a multi engine, scale plane without committing to a hugely difficult project with excessive detail.  If you can build a tapered wing, tube joiners, and a stick truss, then maybe this is the one for you.  Beyond that, the only challenging part is the round cowls, which were originally done with soda bottle bottoms.  These could also be made by pulling a bottle or other plastic sheet over a mold, or they could be built from balsa.

On the plan the wing rib dimensions are inconsistent, so I made an executive decision and standardized the sizes and the taper to make sure that all the parts line up during construction.  The kit ribs will not exactly match the plan, but the parts will match each other.

Wing joiner tubes are 1/2″ (12mm) outside diameter for the outside tube.  If you have a better idea, let me know and I’ll cut your ribs with a special size hole.

There are many ways to build aileron servo hatches in the wings, so I leave that to the builder.

The dihedral shown on the plan is 5 degrees, if you extrapolate from the 85 degree dihedral gauge.   I measured the angle on the dihedral brace at 2.75 degrees per side, so this is how I’m cutting the braces, and I made the dihedral gauge to match, at 2.75 degrees.  As far as I can tell, dihedral is present only at W1B, which would presumably be angled so that it lands in the middle of the angle, rather than being leaned all the way over to one side.  So use the provided brace to give this rib the correct angle, or figure it out yourself.

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3 x 20