Miss Texas Short Kit



The following modifications have been implemented in my kit:

  • I’ve added a 1/8″ dihedral brace on the back of the leading edge in the center section and trimmed the center section ribs accordingly.
  • The plywood fuselage top overlaps Former C instead of butting into the front of it.
  • Fuselage sides are lengthened 1/4 inch so they are flush with the front of the firewall.  Firewall is narrower to fit between the fuselage sides.
  • Fin and rudder are cut from two layers of 3/16 balsa to be laminated to make 3/8.  Please note that the joints in the two layers don’t line up with each other.
  • Leading edge bulkhead is included.  3/4 balsa chin plate butts against it.  Use the lower part of the bulkhead as a sanding guide to form the outline of the chin plate.

Additional information