New Era II Short Kit




The construction article for the New Era II says it’s a 40 size replica of the original New Era, only larger.  But that doesn’t mean that it is like the other New Era kit on my kit list, which is the New Era III.  For those who aren’t hip to the New Era story, here are the highlights:

  • New Era I is the original 20 size plane with sheet spars.
  • New Era II is the upsized version for 40 size engines.  It was designed with foam wings.
  • New Era III is an update of the New Era in the original 20 size, with modern top and bottom stick spars.
  • New Era III Revisited is the exact same thing as the New Era III, except the nose is lengthened and the aileron bell cranks are replaced with flexible nylon tube push rods.

The wing ribs and wing tips in my New Era II kit roughly follow the pattern of the New Era III.  The ribs are sized for 3/32 balsa sheeting.  The rest of the plane is pretty much like the plan.  Landing gear blocks are 3/8 x 3/4.

Tell me if you’re building it with a nose wheel or a tail wheel, and I’ll send you the correct ribs.

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