Omen II Short Kit


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The Omen II is a large, classy low winger with a 92 inch wingspan, published by RCM in 1968.  Like many planes of its era it features hard wood engine mounting beams, and blocks of balsa in the nose section which are sanded away to make a rounded cowling.  If you’ve never built a plane this way, try it out.  It’s a lot of fun.  The kit includes a plywood template to help you make the engine beam.

If you don’t want to carve hardwood engine beams you can have Bulkheads 2 and 3 without engine beam cutouts, so you can use a nylon engine mount.

Also like many plans of this era, this plan is rather loose with dimensions and outlines.  My ribs don’t exactly match the plan, but they all fit together and fit the fuselage cutout.

Please let me know if you want the ribs notched for nose wheel or tail wheel.

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