PT 40 Mk II Short Kit



This kit is made from the Great Planes plan, not the RCM plan.  The fuselage is put together with tabs and slots.  The plan shows a tab and slot at the top of the windshield, but I eliminated that one just for the sake of simplicity.  Also, the top half of the firewall is triple thick on the plan, but it’s only double in my kit because I didn’t see the point of the extra chunk of wood.

The wing plan shows the bottom leading edge sheeting extending from the leading edge halfway to the main spar.  Constructing the wing this way will allow the wing to twist, so my kit has the bottom wing sheeting all the way back to the main spar to create a full D tube.  The plan shows lots of plywood dihedral braces.  I’m including a lot of braces of various widths, so you’ll have to figure out where they all go.

One other thing shown on the plan is grooves in the spars, so you can put your shear webs in the grooves.  If I were building one of these, I would just use a regular stick with no groove, and stick the shear webs on the back side of the spars the easy way.

It sounds a bit complicated, but it will be pretty obvious once you dive into the project. Use 1/2″ balsa sticks for the leading and trailing edges, and use 1.25″ tapered trailing edge stock for the ailerons.

The product photo is a PT 40 built by Chuck Johnson.




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