Puddle Jumper Short Kit


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The Puddlejumper was designed to be built with the Cardinal foam wing and stabilizer made by Midwest.  Unfortunately Midwest is no longer in business, and the wing and stabilizer are no longer available.

My short kit includes a balsa stabilizer and a set of ribs for a built up constant chord wing.  Wing area is 330 square inches.  You can get the wing plan here.  The pylon in the kit is laminated from 3 layers of 1/16″ birch plywood and one layer of 3/16″ balsa.  If you want to mount a .10 size glow engine sideways on the pylon, use it as supplied in the kit.  If you prefer to mount your engine or electric motor on a flat firewall, cut all three layers of the plywood pylon as shown on the wing plan and epoxy the optional firewall in place on the pylon.

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