QB10H Short Kit




I’ve re-engineered the kit to be better than the one I built, which is shown in the photos.  Now it’s a snap to build the fuselage without a printed plan.  The sides are made of 3/32″ balsa with no joint.  There’s a 3/32″ doubler in the front section of the fuselage, with notches to lock the bulkheads into place.  My plane was nose heavy, so now I’m offering a stretch version with 1″ added to the aft fuselage to help it not be nose heavy.  Order the stretched version if you’re using a .10 or .15 glow engine, or the standard if you’re using an electric motor or Cox Tee Dee engine.

Here are the instructions for the updated kit:

Build the wing as shown in the photo below, as a D-Tube with sheeting and cap strips made from 1/16″ balsa sheet.  Leading and trailing edges are 1/4″ balsa, and the spars are 3/16″ square spruce or basswood.  The kit includes a 1/8″ ply wing hold down plate.  Drill and tap holes for #8-32 nylon bolts.

Build the fuselage with cross grain 1/8″ balsa sheet on the windshield and on the fuselage bottom to the rear cabin bulkhead.  Behind the rear cabin bulkhead the top and bottom are cross grain 1/16″ balsa sheet to the tail.  A 1/16″ ply tail wheel mount is included.

Use balsa blocks to fill in the space on each side of the vertical stabilizer.  Use small dots of medium CA to attach a dummy horizontal and vertical stabilizer that are only as wide and as tall as the fuselage.  Install the blocks.  Sand until the blocks are flush with the shape of the fuselage.  Remove dummy parts and blocks.  Now you have blocks to install when you put the real tail in place.  Cover all parts separately, then assemble.

My crappy photos show a 2-wire soldered landing gear.  The plan and my updated kit include a notch for a hard wood landing gear block.  Build as shown on the plan.

Per customer request I have made another version of this plane that is as faithful to the original as possible.  Fuselage sides, wing tips and bulkheads are made of lite ply, and the wing is sheeted only in the center section.  The firewall is notched for engine mounting beams.

All three versions are the same price.  When you order, let me know which one you want.

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