Quickie Bipe Short Kit


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Here’s a 15 size three channel biplane to build over the weekend.  The plan shows wings with a very large leading edge stick, full sheeting with 1/16″ balsa, and no spars.  This is easy to build, but is kind of unusual, so I’m providing the more conventional option of having ribs cut for 3/16″ square spars, 1/4″ balsa stick leading edge, and full sheeting.

If you really want to get wild, go for option #3, which is intended for ailerons.  Leading edge stick is 1/4″ balsa, spars are 3/16″ square, and the trailing edge stick is 3/16″ balsa.  You add a 1″ aileron.  As long as we’re considering options, let me know if you want ailerons on one wing or both so I can give you the right number of each kind of ribs.


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