RCM Basic Bipe Mk II Short Kit



Apparently some people were better at coming up with airplane designs than they were at thinking of names for them.  This one is the RCM Basic Bipe Mk II, not to be confused with the original RCM Basic Bipe that was published 3 months earlier.  The plan has an unusual feature.  There are 1/8″ birch dowel trailing edges in the wings, and 3/16″ birch dowels in the rudder and elevator hinge lines.  My tail parts are cut so they will be the right size without adding the dowels, so you can use normal RC hinges.  If you prefer to get funky and pretend it’s 1977, you can attach the 3/16″ dowels and make hinges from heavy thread as shown on the plan.

The plan shows foam core wings, but the kit includes ribs for balsa wings.  Place a rib 1.75″ from the root and then 2.5″ apart to the tip.  You can make a slanted tip as shown on the plan with a piece of triangle stock.  Leading edges are 3/8″ thick balsa, the spars are 1/4″ square, and the trailing edge is 1/4″ wide.

3/16″ balsa ailerons are included for the bottom wing.  If you want to add ailerons on top, cut them just like the bottom ones.

The only other thing I changed in this kit is the plywood parts.  The wing struts are to be laminated by the builder from thinner layers because I can’t cut 1/4″ plywood with a laser.

These are just minor details.  The overall result will be a plane that looks pretty much like the one in the picture.

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