RCM Basic Trainer Short Kit



This design was first published in RC Modeler Magazine, and then later it was offered by Bridi Hobby as a kit.  My parts are made from the Bridi Hobby plan, which is different in several details while retaining the same outline as the original.  Because of these refinements I consider the Bridi Hobby plan superior to the RCM version.  So when you build this plane, download the Bridi version from Outerzone.  Both plans are called the RCM Basic Trainer.  Incidentally, this plane is not just a trainer.  It’s a really great sport plane with excellent small field performance.  It’s a real classic.

  • Order your short kit with your choice of 1/4 x 3/8 spar notches as shown on the plan, or with 1/4 x 1/4 notches for hard bass wood spars (my preferred choice).
  • The plan shows a big triangular notch in the back end of the fuselage and the vertical fin.  Order it this way, or without the big notch, for use with a small wire elevator joiner.
  • Please specify if you want the plywood engine plate, or leave it out so you can use a bolt-on engine mount.
  • This isn’t a choice, but I will provide a windshield header that you glue to the top of F2 and taper to match the angle of the windshield.  This makes windshield mounting a lot easier.  In the above photo you can see the windshield header if you look carefully.

If you’re building your plane without the big triangular notch for the elevator joiner, set up your stabilizer so it sits 3/16″ in front of the tail post of the fuselage.  The fin tab will fit into the notch so the back of the fin lines up with the fuselage tail post.  Here’s a diagram showing what I mean.


The gallery images are of an RCM Basic Trainer built by Brian Ball.

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