Small Wonder Short Kit


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This kit includes three dihedral braces:  the two that are shown on the plan, plus an extra one for the back side of the leading edge to increase the strength of the center joint.

You can order the kit as shown on the plan or with barn door ailerons.  Here’s a file I drew for the layout of the aileron wing.  (altwing)  I have built the Small Wonder both ways, and it flies great either way.  However, there is one funny thing about the plan as designed.  It is a three channel airplane but I think the dihedral angle is a little bit low for optimal performance.  When I built mine I increased the dihedral a little bit in the three channel versions.

You can choose parts for 3.75 degrees per side as shown on the plan, or for 6 degrees per side for improved roll coupling with three channels.  The only difference is the angle of the dihedral braces and the dihedral gauge.  When you build the wing, 6 degrees per side translates to 2 5/16″ at each tip, or 4 5/8″ on one tip with the other wing flat on the table.  But you can do it however you want.  You don’t have to do it my way.

Please choose your options as listed below:

  • 3 channel or barn door ailerons
  • Dihedral standard 3.75 degrees per side or increased to 6 degrees per side

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