Sporty Ace Short Kit



Chuck Cunningham designed this as a small version of the Lazy Ace, but it’s not the same.  It’s a lot sportier, of course.  Radio installation is a bit tight, but not too difficult.

Order standard parts for 2 stroke or electric.  Order alternate kit for 4 stroke engines.  Alternate kit has longer cowl doublers and taller firewall.  Move the firewall back 1″ for four stroke version.

Also, you can order the standard rubber band version, or the alternate version without the rubber band rails at the top of the cabanes.  If you want to build your plane for bolt-on wings, you will have to design your own cabane attachments.

The gallery photos include an old Sporty Ace that a guy found, which the builder unfortunately never got a chance to fly.  He says it flies great with a K&B 40.  There are also some shots of my red Sporty Ace and the cabane attachment details.  For a complete description of how to build these struts, look at my wire struts article.  My plane has an OS 52 Surpass and is ridiculously overpowered.

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