Super Sportster 60 Short Kit




There are two versions of the Super Sportster 60 plan floating around on the internet.  One of them is scanned from the plan that came with the Great Planes kit, and the other is a modern CAD drawing.  Sharp eyed observers will notice that these two plans are not the same size.  My kit is designed from the Great Planes scan, not the CAD drawing.  If you build it, it will be the same size as a plane built from the original kit.  If you have a plane that was built from the Great Planes kit and it needs a new set of wing ribs or some other single part, my parts will match.

When you build my kit, don’t print the CAD drawing.  Here’s the Great Planes scan for you to download and print.

I’ve learned from a customer that the Great Planes Extra 300SP cowl is a pretty good fit for this plane.  That’s part number GPMA 3222.  It looks like a good fit to me, and I’m certainly excited about the OS 61 FX on the front.  He also tried a Great Planes Escapade 61 Canopy, as shown in the third photo. Thanks to Guadalupe Talamantez for the photos.

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